McClymonds miniature spirit booster sparks big-time cheers

McClymonds miniature spirit booster sparks big-time cheers

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Makhiya Jones-Robinson dresses for her cheerleader role, wearing Mack's black and orange school colors. Fans say her best move is the "Cat Daddy" dance, in which she waves her arms.

March 9, 2011

Pamela Tapia, McClymonds High

She’s only four years old. But when Makhiya Jones-Robinson dances, flips, and jumps on the sidelines of a McClymonds High School game, the fans erupt in cheers.
“She’s little but she’s one of us. She brings a spark to our cheering,” said Qwanesha McDonald, 17, captain of the cheerleading squad.
When the Warriors won the Silver Bowl, Makhiya was as euphoric as her older teammates.
“They did win the trophy; that’s my team. That was exciting,” said Makhiya, whose brother, Berry Bell, plays varsity basketball.
Makhiya has to obey the rules like all the other players, showing up on time for practice if she wants to cheer, and running through all the moves over and over again, says former cheerleader Kamesha Jackson, an 11th grader who is one of her fans.
“She’s joyful and she heightens our mood,” Jackson says.
“It’s great for team spirit during basketball season,” says Kimante Smith, a 12th grader who plays varsity basketball. “She’s special.”


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